Media and Photography Supporting Positive Well-being

Created on: 17 Mar 2021 | Last modified: 19 Apr 2023

Can Media Have a Positive Impact on Our Well-being? 

We have been exploring some of the positive impacts film, podcasts and other media can have on our well-being. Please access the blog posts, with practical hints and tips for you to consider, below.

Please send any questions or comments about the blogs to Natalie Carroll.

Mindful photography

We capture images daily through the digital devices in our lives, from phones, to computers, to dashcams.  Here we provide some ways of using photography as a way to focus mindfulness.

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 Share your hobby

Even solitary hobbies have social and collaborative possibilities. Here we explore a few ways you can share your interests and engage with other people, whilst doing what you love.

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Film and TV – make your viewing habits work for your well-being

We ask how we can make the most of our viewing choices so they work towards our well-being, and consider how film and TV can bring us together.

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Podcasts and well-being

A conversation on why, even when not focused on well-being and mindfulness, podcasts can be good for well-being. Plus, some podcast recommendations for you to explore.

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Gaming and well-being

We’ve drawn together some materials suggesting there can be positive well-being effects from gaming, for example tackling isolation, and as a means of stress-release. 

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