PACT Webinar

Created on: 08 Jul 2020 | Last modified: 25 Apr 2023

The EIS PACT Project hosted a webinar Covid-19: Poverty, Education and Community on Thursday 18th June 2020. 

In the current context of Covid-19 and school recovery planning, teachers are more aware than ever of the effects of poverty on education. 

Young people and families living in poverty have inevitably been exposed to the devastating effects of the pandemic even more intensely than those who have the protection of financial security and the resources it can buy. 

Teachers are now looking for ways to help heal the wounds inflicted by the pandemic itself and by the increased pressures of poverty in lockdown and beyond.   

This webinar included contributions from Professor John McKendrick (Professor in Social Justice, Glasgow Caledonian University; Joan Lennon (Teacher and South Lanarkshire EIS activist); and Kait Laughlin and Sandra Scott (EIS PACT Co-Leaders), inviting discussion on how schools might respond to the poverty impact of the current crisis. 

The webinar is available to view in full below as well as a full transcript of the following Q&A session.



The EIS PACT Project hosted a webinar

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