Standards in Schools etc Act 2000: Consultation on draft Statutory Guidance

Created on: 24 Jan 2018 | Last modified: 04 Jul 2018

Response from the Educational Institute of Scotland

In 2.18 it is recognised that strategic decisions can impact on operational matters within schools. The examples provided of strategic decisions, particularly the setting of education budgets, the size and construct (and location which we suggest could be added) of the school estate, and decisions about specialist provision may all affect pupils.

In relation to the 'content of any guidance issued' it might be helpful to provide examples, e.g. school excursions, other activities and clubs, school dress codes and the non-charging for materials for courses and music tuition. We are unclear what 'commissioning of services' would entail in the education sector. 

We wonder if the Review of Governance might impact on this Guidance, given that it is likely to impact on strategic decision making. 

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