Pupils Displaying Serious Inappropriate Behaviour: Guidelines

Created on: 23 Jan 2018 | Last modified: 04 Jul 2018


1.1 The following resolution was approved by the 2008 Annual General Meeting:

"This AGM instructs Council to produce clear guidelines to ensure that, when pupils are displaying serious inappropriate behaviour the care, welfare and right to a safe place of work for the teachers are considered."

1.2 The 2007 Annual General Meeting approved a policy on Disruptive Pupils. Policies on Physical Restraint (AGM 2004 and AGM 2005) have also been developed.

1.3 The 2009 AGM is also being asked to approve a paper which provides guidance on risk assessment of violent and abusive behaviours.

1.4 This paper does not deal with school pupils placed in further education colleges arising from school–college partnerships. That issue may require consideration by EIS-FELA.

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