Class Contact Time for N5 and Highers

Created on: 14 Aug 2019 | Last modified: 25 Mar 2020


The 2018 AGM passed the following Resolution, which was assigned to the Education Committee for action: 

"That this AGM call on Council to investigate and report on the delivery by Secondary schools and colleges, of the SQA's notional hours class contact time for National 5 and Higher subject courses and to highlight any discrepancies identified."

The Committee agreed to seek information from:

  • Directors of Education 
  • College Principals 
  • Subject Specialists 
  • Local Association Secretaries 
  • EIS-FELA Branch Secretaries

Collated responses to our inquiry from the various sources listed are included in the pdf document. (Analysis to follow)

It was also agreed to raise concerns about insufficient allocation of time for N5 and Higher course delivery with Education Scotland, Scottish Government and the SQA through liaison meetings, and through meetings of the Curriculum and Assessment Board and Scottish Education Council. This was done as appropriate throughout the year.

The Committee also sought to ensure that the underlying issues were reflected in any associated press comment and/ or consultation responses. The issue was subsequently raised in the written evidence provided on behalf of the EIS to the Education and Skills Committee Inquiry into senior phase subject choice.

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