GTCS - Future status Submission 2010

Created on: 25 Jan 2018 | Last modified: 24 Aug 2018


The EIS welcomes independent status for the GTCS and welcomes the consultation document. The EIS supports the work of the GTCS as a democratic, regulatory body for the teaching profession in Scotland. The GTCS must remain as a body which has a clear majority of teachers who are subject to election by the teaching profession as a whole. An initial position of the EIS in relation to independent status for the GTCS is set out in the EIS Paper, "Independent Status for the General Teaching Council for Scotland", March 2009.

In response to the consultation paper, the EIS will seek to answer questions 1 to 10 set out in the consultation. In addition, the EIS will indicate what we believe to be important areas which are not referred to in that paper.

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