Future Delivery of Public Services in Scotland: EIS Response

Created on: 25 Jan 2018 | Last modified: 20 Apr 2023


1.1 The Educational Institute of Scotland welcomes this opportunity to provide evidence to the Commission on the Future Delivery of Public Services which was established by the Scottish Government in late 2010.

The Educational Institute of Scotland is Scotland's largest teacher trade union with over 60,000 members (80% of the profession) in Nursery, Primary, Secondary, Special, Further and Higher Education.

1.2 The EIS notes that the Commission sees its work as being to produce a "road map" for the future reform of Public Service Delivery in In addition the Commission is asking those individuals and organisations providing evidence to consider three broad questions viz:

(a) how best can our public services achieve positive outcomes for and with the people of Scotland?

(b) how best can wider organisational arrangements (including functions, structures and processes) support and enable the delivery of effective services?

(c) what shared values and ethos should underpin Scotland's public services, and how best can they be embedded in the delivery of public services in the future?

1.3 The EIS also notes the timescale for the completion of the Commission's work which seeks to ensure the publication of its report no later than the end of June 2011.

1.4 As part of this evidence the EIS will, firstly, deal with some general matters relating to public service delivery in broad terms and then go on to consider some issues which relate directly to Scottish Education and to the future delivery of education servies.

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