Royal Charter

Created on: 25 Jan 2018 | Last modified: 24 Aug 2018


1.1 The following resolution of the Annual General Meeting held in June 2009 was remitted to the Executive Committee for processing:

"This AGM instructs Council to investigate and report whether the Royal Charter of the EIS placed any restriction on the types of motions which may be approved by the Standing Orders Committee for the attention of the AGM."

1.2 The term "Royal Charter" of the EIS actually consists of the original Warrant of Royal Charter (signed on 13 May 1851), a first supplementary Royal Charter (signed on 4 November 1925) and a second supplementary Royal Charter (signed on 9 June 1978). A copy of the "Charters" is attached at Annex I.

1.3 The Standing Orders Committee is elected annually by the AGM and is provided with powers to determine the competence of any proposition to be placed in front of the AGM consistent with the terms of the EIS Constitution and the Royal Charter.

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