Manifesto 2022

Created on: 10 Mar 2022 | Last modified: 17 Aug 2022

The 2022 Local Government elections come at a crucial time for Scottish Education.

As we emerge from the immediate impact of Covid 19, and at the start of a long period of education recovery, it is critical that Scotland’s Councils, as the main employers of teachers, do much more to support education staff to deliver for the young people in our schools.

The EIS supports better funding for Councils to deliver their education ambitions but equally we believe that Councils could and should be doing much more to address key issues such as the scandal of 10% of teachers being on temporary contracts, the dearth of support for additional support needs, and the need to remove unnecessary bureaucratic paper trails which simply add to workload.

In this manifesto the EIS calls for political parties, and their candidates, to commit to actions, locally, which will make a difference in schools and provide concrete support to the efforts of teachers and educators to deliver for Scotland’s children.

Education is too often a political football between political parties and between different tiers of Government – given the enormity of the challenge around education recovery in, hopefully, a post pandemic scenario the EIS believes that cooperation, collaboration and partnership offer much more productive platforms for Scottish Education to embrace.


Manifesto 2022

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