Focusing on self-care: wellbeing webinars and podcasts

Created on: 16 Dec 2020 | Last modified: 09 Nov 2023

The self-care sections include a variety of wellbeing focused webinars and podcasts, free apps, mindfulness toolkits, and tips for staying active.

The Network of Wellbeing offers a wide range of resources for self and community wellbeing, including a series of webinars. offers a free, easy to use meditation guide and app.  A quick sign up process is involved, and there are options to download the app, or receive emails.

TED Talk by Guy Winch - How to practice emotional first aid. 

Worry Tree is a free app that features in the NHS Library, which aims to introduce Cognitive Behavioural Therapy at times when users feel anxious or stressed. Please note, there are some paid for products on the website, apart from the free app.


Mental ill health prevention: the whats, whys and hows? from the Mental Health Foundation is a podcast series, asking common questions around mental health and self care.

Feel Better, Live More with Dr. Chatterjee:

The Pursuit of Happiness with Claudia Hamond :

The Conversation: How to be Happy :

The happiness half hour podcast (BBC). Each day they provide a 1 minute daily happiness hack for lockdown:

TedTalks focusing on Health and Wellbeing:

Happy Place by Fearne Cotton: