Shetland Women’s Aid

Created on: 03 Apr 2024 | Last modified: 05 Apr 2024

We run a three-stage trauma recovery programme at Shetland Women’s Aid, and in stage 3, we signpost clients who are rebuilding their lives.

Often, women have been isolated and have had to leave jobs or education due to coercion and abuse. Re-entering education is the first step to regaining confidence and control over their futures. UHI Shetland is the perfect partner to help support our women and children in a supportive environment to support that life-changing transformation.

“I have worked with quite a few women who felt empowered enough to start – or continue their education at UHI, and many of them were so proud of their achievements; it increased their confidence, helped them build new supportive networks with their fellow students, allowed them to be good at something they were told they are not capable of…etc.”

-SWA Therapist. 


“The college's various courses have been a significant part of our clients’ journeys.”

-SWA Therapist.

All current SWA therapists have started their counselling training by earning a diploma/degree at a local college. UHI Shetland is also supporting our current workforce undergoing SVQs to SSSC requirements for their roles, and one is studying to become a qualified therapist.