The Education Committee is keen to gather the views of EIS members who have been involved in the first year of implementation of SNSAs (Scottish National Standardised Assessments).

The EIS has made clear to the Scottish Government our intention to evaluate the usefulness or otherwise of the assessments to learning and teaching, the EIS position remaining firm that all assessment should meaningfully support learning. Your experience in using the assessments is key to helping us do this.

With this in mind, if you have worked this year with P1, P4, P7 or S3 pupils who have taken the assessments, please complete the short proforma that can be found here.

Your comments will be valuable in shaping the EIS evaluation of SNSAs to date and will be relayed to the Scottish Government team which has been working on SNSAs.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

This proforma is now closed.

Extent to which you were able to use professional judgement to determine the timing of the assessments with a view to supporting the learning of individuals and groups of children.
Extent to which SNSAs impacted on classroom management, deployment of additional support staff/ teachers and availability of ICT.
Extent to which assessment tasks reflect CfE Experiences, Outcomes and the four capacities, as appropriate to each age and stage.
Appropriateness of level of digital and keyboard skills required, and accessibility of language, font, layout, and assessment tasks.
Extent to which data provided in SNSA learner reports has been useful to you in providing reliable information on progress, in identifying next steps in learning and informing your professional judgement on the achievement of CfE levels.