SFC Review

Created on: 09 Sep 2020 | Last modified: 10 Apr 2024

The Scottish Government has instructed the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) to carry out a review of coherent provision and sustainability of both college and university sectors. The SFC is carrying out this review in three stages – the first stage involved a call for evidence from stakeholders. The college and university sectors both have challenges and these have been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic and looming lockdown. You will find information on the review process and background materials outlining the purpose and scope of the review in the weblink below.

SFC Review into Higher & Further Education:


The EIS submission for phase one of the Review may be found below. The EIS has called for public investment to maintain these sectors and to ensure that they can support the workforce in the predicted recession, but the EIS cautioned against using colleges and universities as workplace training providers arguing that their role in providing education goes far beyond preparing people for work.

EIS submission: click here