SRUC Pay & Grading Dispute

Created on: 13 Sep 2021 | Last modified: 13 May 2022

SRUC staff have fallen behind in terms of pay, as compared to both their FE & HE counterparts since merger, by thousands of pounds a year.

Our claim for 2020/21 has resulted in a poor cost of living offer (now imposed) and no significant progress towards a pay and grading review, which has been promised for years.

A statutory ballot for Industrial Action returned a result of 93.4% in favour of ASOS and 85.7% in favour of strike action on a 64.6% turnout. The ballot closed on 23rd June 2021.

The EIS intends to use the industrial action mandate from week commencing 27th September for both Action Short of a Strike and for Strike Action.

The Actions Short of a Strike are expected to start on the first day of strike action and to run continuously until conclusion of the dispute. 

The industrial action short of a strike will take the following forms:

  1.  Not undertaking any goodwill activities beyond existing duties, such as overtime or lunchtime activities.

  2.  A resulting boycott - Not to share any assessment or exam results with the SRUC.


The affected EIS members employed by SRUC will be asked to undertake a programme of discontinuous strike action on the following dates in 2021:

  • Tuesday 12th October

  • Monday 25th October

  • Thursday 4th November

  • Wednesday 10th November

  • Tuesday 16th November

  • Monday 22nd November

  • Thursday 2nd December

  • Wednesday 8th December

  • Tuesday 14th December