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A few more words from the poet…

I’d like to acknowledge the influence of the late Ian Davison, my PT English at Knightswood Secondary School, a great song-writer who was bizarrely disciplined for singing one of his songs to a class(!); Adam McNaughtan, a Scots folk legend who ran the ballads club at Rutherglen Academy and penned ‘The Jeely Piece Song’ and the brilliant ballad ‘Hamlet’ sung to the tune of ‘The Mason’s Apron’ on which this poem/song is based; and to my pal Rab Douglas, who encouraged me to do an occasional turn at the Corbie Ha’ in Milngavie. 

drawing of pupils waving

I would like to pay tribute to the staff, pupils and trade unions at Drumchapel High School during this period and especially the teachers who worked with such dedication and empathy in the bilingual base at Drumchapel High School-

Christine Smith, Stephanie Johnson, Linda Angerson, Soria Wilson, Hazel Steele, Mhairi Shannon, Narimanne Ferman, Margaret Watt.

I wish to pay tribute to all teachers in the Glasgow Asylum Seeker Support Programme and EAL in Glasgow.

Thanks too to all those individuals, groups, charities and organisations who helped us in the communities of Drumchapel, Knightswood, Yoker and Scotstoun, and in the wider community. 

Throughout this period, the EIS supported The Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees that was co-convened by Margaret Woods, Sheila Arthur and Jock Morris. They and their organisation were an immense support and inspiration to the Glasgow Girls.

Heartfelt thanks to Andrea Bradley, our editor, who has been the driving force in preparing this for publication.

I have loved working collaboratively throughout lockdown with Andrea and Jamie Squire, our wonderful illustrator.


Euan Girvan, June 2020

glasgow girls


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