My Own Glossary of Scots Words

Created on: 18 Jun 2020 | Last modified: 29 Jun 2020

‘The Tale o’ the Glasgow Girls’ is written in Scots.

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The glossary explains the meanings of all the Scots words that are used. You might have heard of some of these words before. Or they might be new to you.

What about the Scots dialects that are used in your area? Are there interesting Scots words and phrases that people use where you live? If so, try collecting and recording some of them.

Write them down, give the word or phrase that means the same in English, and if you speak another language, you can give the word in that language too. 

You can use what you already know and could try asking friends, family and neighbours about their favourite Scots dialect words.   

Have fun!


Scots word

English word/phrase

In my language





































































Favourite Scots dialect word/phrase

Why they like it

What it means in English/My language













































































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