Some ideas for Listening and Talking

Created on: 18 Jun 2020 | Last modified: 29 Jun 2020

Interview Activity


The Glasgow Girls felt strongly about child detention and dawn raids. As part of their campaigning, they spoke to lots of families about their experiences of these things.

Talk to your two or three friends and family- face to face or by phone/video call - about things that they feel strongly about. Have they ever been involved in a campaign, a protest or in standing up for something that they believed in? In the community? At work? Even online? Ask them to tell you about the issue, what they felt about it and why they took part in the action that they did.

Or perhaps they felt strongly about something but didn't take any action. Ask them to tell you why they decided not to. 

It might help you to prepare a list of questions in advance. Remember- if they say something interesting during the interview, don't be afraid to ask follow-up questions that you haven’t written down. 

Make some notes of your conversations with family members and friends and be ready to report back to your class.



Speech Writing

Talking on the phone

Imagine that you were invited to the Scottish Parliament like the Glasgow Girls were, to talk to MSPs about something that you feel strongly about. 

Practise and get feedback from someone at home or from a friend/ family member over videocall. Prepare the speech that you would give if you were given the opportunity. Select your topic, do the research, plan and write your talk. 

Improve your speech and then record it for your class/teacher.



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