The work of the College Lecturers Registration Working Group

Created on: 08 Jul 2021 | Last modified: 21 Apr 2023

College Lecturers and GTCS

GTCS Registration for college lecturers stems from the National Joint Negotiating Committee settlement Agreements in 2017 which stipulated that 'Linked to our joint review of future workforce requirements, lecturing staff in our workforce for the future will require professional registration similar to GTCS.' 

This Agreement was re-stated in the National Working Practices Agreement (‘NWPA’) and brought into effect through NJNC Circular 03/19.  Section 13 of the NWPA clearly states that ‘lecturing staff will require professional registration with the General Teaching Council (Scotland) (GTCS)’.

The College Lecturer Registration Working Group was established to advance lecturer registration.  The working group includes representatives from:

  • GTCS


  • Colleges Scotland National Bargaining Employers Association

  • Universities offering the Teaching Qualification in Further Education (TQFE)

  • Scottish Government

A frequently asked questions document to support College lecturers and managers with questions about the work of the group, including the benefits of registration with GTCS, is available on both our website and on the GTCS website. This is regularly updated.

The working group has agreed to ensure the distinct identity of the college sector is reflected in any registration and regulation arrangements. It has also been agreed that registration will be phased to allow appropriate routes to registration to be developed, reflecting the wide range of backgrounds and roles that lecturers in colleges bring to the sector.

The first tranche of mandatory registration will begin in September 2021, when lecturers holding a TQFE or recognised primary or secondary qualification will be contacted to register. Arrangements for lecturers who do not currently have a TQFE; or who are qualified outwith Scotland; or have an alternative teaching qualification are being discussed by the group, and more information will follow.  Registration for this group will commence from April 2022.