EIS-ULA Pay Dispute Statutory Ballot

Created on: 22 Oct 2013 | Last modified: 05 Feb 2018

To All EIS-ULA Members except those in Abertay, UHI, SRUC and RCS     

Dear Colleague 

The EIS-ULA Executive has sought and obtained from the EIS Emergency Sub-Committee the authorisation to carry out a statutory strike ballot for EIS-ULA members (within HEIs taking part in New JNCHES pay negotiations) with the understanding that any strike action would only be carried out with other HE trade unions.


I am now in the position to inform you that both the UCU and Unison have carried out statutory ballots of their HE memberships and both unions have a mandate for strike action. The EIS-ULA Executive is keen to give EIS-ULA members the opportunity to decide if they wish to be part of a joint national strike action in pursuit of the 2013-14 Pay Claim – with the clear recommendation that they should vote in favour of doing so.


The EIS has lodged trade disputes with each affected HEI in Scotland and has lodged a dispute at New JNCHES – the former is a legal requirement. The EIS has today issued statutory notices to each affected HEI giving notice that it will open a statutory ballot late next week for strike action.


If a majority of EIS-ULA members vote for strike action then we should be in a position to join any joint strike with the UCU and support staff Unions around mid to late November 2013.


The HEIs at New JNCHES offered a 1% pay uplift in their final pay offer. If the employers raise this offer in any future meetings to avert strike action – then I shall of course inform members.


I shall be asking Branch Secretaries to arrange Branch meetings at larger Branches in the next two weeks. I am happy to answer any queries any individual members may have.


Yours sincerely


National F&HE Officer