Update: August 21

Created on: 20 Aug 2021

Pay Negotiations 2021

The SNCT Extended Joint Chairs met again yesterday (19 August 2021) to discuss this year's Pay Claim.

The Employers' Side confirmed that they will make an undifferentiated offer of 1.22% across all SNCT pay grades, backdated to April 2021. Whilst the acceptance of the principle of a universal pay offer is progress the offer of 1.22% is not, it being simply a redistribution of the cost of the previous offer. Details of the previous offer can be found here.

The Teachers' Side made clear that the offer of 1.22% is unreasonable, sub-inflationary and fundamentally misjudges the value of the profession.

The delay in reaching a negotiated settlement was highlighted and it was indicated that the possibility of a multi-year deal, suggested by COSLA, would only be considered if full details are provided with regard to the proposed percentage increase for each year.

The next meeting of the Extended Joint Chairs will be in the week commencing 30 August 2021 and a further update will follow that meeting.


COVID-19 Self-Isolation During Annual Leave and Compensatory Days

The SNCT has reached agreement on the accrual of compensatory leave where a teacher or music instructor is required to self-isolate due to contact with Covid-19 during a period of designated annual leave.

The agreement is available via this weblink: SNCT 21/79

Members are asked to note the following:

  • For every 5 days of annual leave within the self-isolation period, the employee will accrue 2 days of compensatory leave. This is subject to a maximum credit of 8 such days accruing in any one leave year.

  • In agreement with the employer, this compensatory leave shall be taken by the employee following his/her return to work. The timing of this leave is subject to the overriding needs of the service.

  • This provision comes into effect from 11 August 2020. Employees can make a claim for compensatory days accrued retrospectively.

These provisions apply to both full-time and part-time employees and members should make the request for compensatory days to their Headteacher as soon as possible.

If there are any difficulties in securing the compensatory days owed the EIS school rep/LA Secretary will be able to provide further advice.