Update 1 October 2021

Created on: 01 Oct 2021

Pay Negotiations 2021

Dispute Declared over Unacceptable pay Offer

The Teachers’ Side of the SNCT (Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers), led by the EIS, has declared a dispute around the failure to agree a pay settlement for 2021/22, due for implementation last April. The dispute was declared at a meeting of the SNCT held yesterday, 30th September.

The teachers’ pay claim was submitted over 9 months ago but despite meetings, the only offer on the table is the already rejected 1.2%, effectively a pay cut which eats into the improvements gained in our last major pay campaign.

Read our press release here.

The EIS is keen to negotiate a settlement. The pandemic has exhausted members, and no-one wants a fight over pay, but equally we expect the heroic efforts of teachers during the past 18 months to be acknowledged, along with recognition of the key role that we will play in terms of education recovery.

A further negotiating meeting is scheduled for mid-October. We believe the voice of EIS members, endorsing the declaration of a dispute and demanding a fair pay settlement now, is crucial.