Additional Support Needs

Created on: 22 Feb 2024

Additional Support for Learning (ASL) provision has been the subject of intense scrutiny in Scotland in recent years.

This scrutiny is likely to be sustained as the complexity of needs among the learning population grows, against a backdrop of under-invested public services.

The EIS remains firmly committed to inclusive education in principle. We believe that education is a human right and that inclusive education, i.e. schools and classes comprising a diverse mix of learners, is the foundation of a more just society.

The presumption that, when appropriate, children will be educated alongside their peers in their local school is sound. The serious concerns our members have voiced repeatedly are about implementation of well-intentioned policies, and the gap between promise and practice.

The Stand up for Quality Education campaign will stress the need for additional funding to deliver the additional support for the 34% of young people in our schools who have a recognised need.

There is a recognised correlation between incidence of poverty and incidence of ASN so this campaign has strong relevance to our anti-poverty agenda, also. The scandalous underfunding of ASN over almost two decades directly undermines the right to education of young people with ASN.

Our campaign will expose the reality of ASN provision and press for appropriate funding for such a massive need so that we can deliver the quality of education that we want to for all our children and young people.