Campaign Briefing: ASN Resourcing, January 2024

Created on: 22 Feb 2024

As part of the campaign, this briefing aims to support EIS local associations in negotiations and campaigning in response to the under-resourcing of the Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004, the legislation which underpins additional support needs (ASN) provision, including the deployment of Pupil Support Assistants and specialist ASN teachers within mainstream schools, nurseries and other education settings.

EIS advice is that local discussions and campaigning should highlight five key issues:

  1. The adverse impact of under-resourcing on learners’ educational experiences and wellbeing at a time when a key Scottish Government priority is to raise attainment and achievement for all;

  2. The adverse impact of under-resourcing on the health, safety and wellbeing of staff, the majority of whom are female;

  3. The relationship between incidence of additional support needs and poverty and educational inequality at a time when the poverty-related attainment gap persists;

  4. The relationship between the level and complexity of additional support needs and violence and aggression in schools;

  5. The unsustainability of the current approach, the longer-term human and economic costs, and the need for urgent action.

ASN Briefing

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