Salaries Motions

Created on: 06 Jun 2021 | Last modified: 10 Jun 2021



14. Edinburgh Local Association

"That this AGM instructs Council to:

  1. seek agreement at the SNCT for a nine-year plan for phased, incremental reductions to class sizes and class contact time with the goal of achieving the aims of the 20:20 Campaign by August of 2030;
  2. ballot members on industrial action, up to and including strike action, if there is no agreement at the SNCT by the end of September of 2022 for such a plan."
    Edinburgh Local Association


15. Glasgow Local Association, East Dunbartonshire Local Association and Council

"That this AGM demand that Local Authorities and the Scottish Government end the abuse of supply teachers and lecturers through precarious employment and "zero hours" arrangements, and instructs Council to campaign for an end to zero hours contracts and precarious employment practices for teachers and lecturers. This campaign should include calling on SNCT to introduce minimum periods of engagement for temporary teachers and pools of supply teachers employed on permanent contracts with progression routes to placement in designated posts."


16. Council

"That this AGM call on the Scottish Government to redress the detriment suffered by members conscripted to the Scottish Teachers’ Pension Scheme ("the Scheme") in 2015 whereby such members cannot access pension benefits accrued under the Scheme before NPA 67/68 without actuarial reduction. Such redress should allow access to pension benefits before NPA67/68 without actuarial reduction or alternative but equally as beneficial measures."


17. Edinburgh Local Association

"That this AGM instructs Council to seek agreement with the SNCT on a standardised interpretation of what is meant by a full or half day in Section 2, Part 1.6 of the SNCT handbook."


18. Midlothian Local Association and Edinburgh Local Association

"That this AGM instruct Council to work with partner agencies to seek agreement from the Scottish Government for the granting for schools in all sectors of two additional annual in-service days from the academic session 2021-22 onwards."


19. Edinburgh Local Association

"That this AGM calls on Council to investigate and report on the feasibility of an agreed standardised approach across all local authorities being adopted for references for teachers to enable agreed common formats to be provided for every level of post."


20. Glasgow Local Association

"That this AGM calls on the EIS to investigate and report on ways in which it can provide support to and campaign on behalf of members suffering from Long COVID and to ensure recommendations are processed and implemented through the appropriate committees of the Institute.

Furthermore, that this AGM calls on the SNCT to consider the sickness absence entitlement of teachers in Scottish schools in relation to Long COVID."


21. Dundee Local Association

"That this AGM instructs council to investigate and report on how management time for PTs and above is allocated in each of the 32 Local Authorities."


22. Renfrewshire Local Association

"That this AGM instruct the Salaries Committee to seek an improvement in the national paternity leave provision for expectant fathers."


23. Glasgow Local Association

"That this AGM instructs Council to reject calls for an extension to the school day or reduction in school holidays as a means of achieving educational recovery from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic."


24. South Lanarkshire Local Association

"That this AGM in light of the Government's plan to remunerate teachers for delivering the alternative certification model, this AGM calls upon EIS Council to support the full one-off payment for every secondary school teacher, irrespective of whether they work part-time or are presenting NQ classes."