Briefing on the Equity Impact of School Activities

Created on: 17 May 2022 | Last modified: 26 Sep 2022

In our 2015 publication ‘Face Up to Child Poverty’ the EIS highlighted the issues around the costs of participation in school trips and charity and fundraising events for the thousands of children in our schools whose families are on low income.

We advised the need for understanding of and sensitivity to, the financial impact of these kinds of school activities that have costs attached to them and that not all families are able to pay.

In 2022, we are sharply aware of the disproportionate financial impact of Covid and the soaring cost of living increases already wreaking further hardship upon the poorest families.

It is against this backdrop of rising levels and intensification of poverty that the EIS is updating its advice for members with regards to ‘fun’ school activities, many of which take place during the summer term, but which are scheduled all year round too.

This briefing is intended to highlight the various pressing issues and to suggest ways that they can be navigated sensitively within our schools in the maximum interests of equity and inclusion.

school activities briefing
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