FELA Position on COVID-19

Created on: 22 May 2020 | Last modified: 07 Jan 2022

The EIS at national level has advocated three critical ‘red lines’ in relation to members returning physically to workplaces.

Whilst this has been fed in directly to the Scottish Government’s Education Recovery Group which covers the school system primarily, the red lines apply equally to colleges.

Consequently, we will only consider a physical return to campus for staff and students when there is evidence that test, trace and isolate capacity is in place; colleges are able to implement all public health guidance e.g. social distancing; and there is clear and demonstrable evidence that the spread of the virus was under control e.g. R figure and level of new cases.

In the interim, we would expect EIS representatives to be involved in discussions about planning for 2020/21 session and measures for a return to work at both local and national level. The paper below has been written to inform those discussions.

FELA Advice

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