Online and Remote Learning – Sharing Practice Webinar

Created on: 04 Mar 2021 | Last modified: 20 Jul 2022

This webinar was offered to members as an opportunity to discuss the challenges and benefits of digital pedagogy for online and remote learning and teaching during the pandemic.

Building on previous events which had looked in detail at EIS guidance on contingency models of delivery, this webinar provided a platform for teachers to share how they had developed and delivered online and remote teaching and  learning during this second period of lockdown. Attendees heard from a range of practitioners about examples of online and remote delivery, developed in the context of the pandemic, including tools and tips for effective online practice.

Presentations included:

Welcome and context - Anne Keenan, EIS National Officer for Education [from 00:00 in the recording below]

Support for Remote Learning: Practicalities, Pedagogy, Planning, and offering support to learners & families - Jodi Barclay, Dundee City Council Pedagogy Team and EIS Education Committee [from 05:40] – slides available here.

Online Learning: Taking a Collegiate Approach - Mairi Green, Primary teacher and EIS Learning Rep, West Lothian [from 20:05] – slides available here.

The National e-Learning Offer, and Hints & Tips for Online Teaching - Steven Graham and Donald Macleod, eSgoil [from 40:25] – slides available here.

Attendees also participated in a Panel Q&A session where presenters were able to answer questions and concerns from members about online and blended delivery [1:06:05 in the recording above]. Questions raised during or in advance of the webinar along with panel and EIS answers, are available in the event FAQ.

EIS Organiser Amy Moran presented on the implications of teaching in the pandemic, including the implementation of blended and remote learning, for workplace issues such as health and safety, workload, and participation in decision-making. Amy also outlined how to maximise organising opportunities in the COVID-19 context, including calling branch meetings and devising collective approaches to challenges which members may be facing at this time. [1:18:27 in the recording above]

For further information about the subjects covered by Amy, members are invited to contact their local EIS organiser via the contact list available here.

For more information and guidance on curriculum and pedagogy in the context of COVID-19, see previous EIS webinars.