Timeline of the dispute

Created on: 15 Jun 2022

Timeline of the dispute

February 2019 – Dundee City Council proposed the introduction of faculties to the Children and Families Committee, in a bid to make savings from the education budget. The EIS strongly opposes the proposals.

2019 - Dundee City Council take the proposal to Policy and Resources Committee, without EIS representatives present. The proposals to move to a faculty model by the 20/21 session are passed.

May 2019 – In an EIS poll, 92% of teachers reject the proposals, on a 72 per cent turnout.

January 2020 - Dundee City Council and trade unions release a joint statement in support of school empowerment and partnership working. The EIS agrees to support the introduction of faculties where the council can find support in a school – however, no majority support can be found in any school.

March 2020 - The Scottish Government announces closure of schools due to the coronavirus pandemic and the faculty proposal is put on hold.

December 2021 – Dundee City Council re-introduces the proposals to move to a faculties model to the EIS, despite the huge changes to schools during the pandemic.

January 2022 - In an EIS ballot, 97% of secondary teachers said they opposed the introduction of faculties. And asked if the proposals would raise attainment, as the council claims, 96% said they would not.

March 2022 – 88% of secondary teachers vote to take strike action over the introduction of faculties, in a 73% turnout.

May 2022 – 88% of secondary teachers vote to take strike action in a statutory ballot, in a 61% turnout. Dundee EIS sends notice of industrial action to the council.