Representing Teachers in Scotland

Created on: 09 Jan 2020 | Last modified: 16 Jan 2024

GTCS Elections 2024

I am writing to urge you to vote for all of the EIS supported candidates in the forthcoming GTCS elections.

The GTCS is highly influential in terms of Education policy generally, as well has having specific remits in the areas of the Professional Standards and Code, and the Professional Update scheme.

At a time of real challenge in our schools in the face of the growing range and complexity of additional support needs, rising incidence of violent, aggressive and distressed behaviour, the continuing struggle with workload, and the many questions unanswered in relation to Education Reform, it is crucial that teacher voice is heard at the GTCS.

Teachers have a majority of only one on the GTCS Council, the other seats being filled by appointment, so it is essential that the teachers who are elected are representative of the interests of the majority of teachers and not focussed on narrow agendas.

For this round of elections, the EIS has supported a number of candidates who are well-placed to ensure this. They are EIS members who are:

  • Class Teachers/ Headteachers and EISmembers who command the respect oftheir colleagues in their schools;
  • Committed to promoting the higheststandards within the profession;
  • Committed to defending the interestsof teachers in the face of the manychallenges faced on a daily basis inour schools.

I believe strongly that their experience, taken together with their personal integrity and commitment, equip them well to represent colleagues on the GTCS Council.

When you receive your online voting information from the GTCS this month (January), please vote for all EIS supported candidates.

Yours sincerely

Andrea Bradley
EIS General Secretary