Briefing 3 - Members in vulnerable groups

Created on: 11 Dec 2020 | Last modified: 14 Dec 2020

Within the EIS November survey, thousands of comments from teachers were collected on issues such as behaviour in the classroom, their health, and wider safety concerns about working in schools.

This is the third in a series of briefings, that the EIS will issue to the Scottish Government outlining the experiences of EIS members. Some comments have been redacted to ensure they do not identify individual schools or members.

Key Issues

  • 3,501 comments were left by members who identified themselves as being in a vulnerable group in their response to the survey (not all are included in this briefing)

  • Clear consensus that the mitigations in place are not strong enough, or are impossible to enforce

  • Pregnant members in particular were concerned about the lack of clarity beyond 28 weeks, as some members have been granted home working, or paid leave, and others have not

  • Clear evidence that the management of this crisis has exacerbated existing physical and mental health conditions

  • Some teachers have taken early retirement, or not sought supply work, because they do not feel safe returning to schools


Pupil Behaviour Briefing

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