Fake News Detectives: Effective News Literacy in the Classroom

Created on: 01 Apr 2022 | Last modified: 09 May 2022

In this session you can:

  • Learn tips for discussing news in the classroom whilst creating a safe climate for learning.

  • Understand the importance of developing pupils’ critical literacy skills in the classroom.

  • Explore fun, authentic and safe activities to teach about fake news, critically question online information and analyse news writing, considering points of view and language use.

  • Consider how to create a real audience and purpose for news writing, and enhance the writing process through newsroom roleplay.

Suitable for primary teachers and educators, as well as teachers working with children transitioning from primary to secondary settings and those in lower secondary classes.


Slides from this presentation are available here.

About NewsWise

NewsWise is an award-winning news literacy programme for upper primary pupils. The programme is run in partnership by the Guardian Foundation, National Literacy Trust and PSHE Association, bringing together expertise in journalism, literacy and PSHE education to address concerns raised by the National Literacy Trust’s report on fake news and critical literacy: that young people trust the news less as a result of fake news; that only two percent of children have the critical literacy skills they need to identify fake news; and that teachers are concerned about the effect that fake news is having on children’s wellbeing.   

The NewsWise programme comprises a full unit of work, workshops, interactions with real journalists and opportunities for children to source, investigate, write and share real news stories on subjects that matter to them.

All of our resources are available online for all educators to access for free.

Essential to all our work is the use of real-life examples and putting skills in a real-world context to make learning immersive and fun, helping to develop responsible, empowered citizens of the future.

About the Speaker

Elli Narewska is Head of primary education at the Guardian Foundation and runs the NewsWise programme, developing and delivering media literacy resources and workshops for schools and families as well as teacher training. Her work aims to make the world of news and media accessible to all young people, raising aspirations and giving them opportunities to make their voices heard.

She has worked in news education for a decade, with particular interest in digital literacy and critical thinking. Prior to this, she was a secondary English teacher working in London comprehensives as well as a variety of SEND settings.

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