‘Smoke and Mirrors' Pay Offer to Scotland's Teachers is Unacceptable

Created on: 26 Oct 2018 | Last modified: 30 Mar 2020

Responding to claims made by Cabinet Secretary John Swinney on the Pay Offer to Scotland's teachers, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said:

"The EIS is clear that the current pay offer from the Scottish Government and local authorities is unacceptable. It has already been unanimously rejected by our Salaries Committee, and we fully expect our members to overwhelmingly reject this divisive proposal in our forthcoming ballot."

"This is a cynical and divisive offer, which seeks to pit teacher against teacher and unpromoted staff against their promoted colleagues. Teachers will not be fooled by this clumsy attempt to divide and rule."

Mr Flanagan added, "After a decade of deep pay cuts leading to a 24% reduction in take home pay, an offer based on a 3% cost of living increase falls far short of the expectations of our members."

"The conflation of incremental progression, which teachers would always have received anyway, with this pay offer to make it appear more attractive is a shameful tactic drawn straight from the book of bad management. Teachers will see right through this type of smoke and mirrors propaganda."

"Thousands of Scottish teachers will march through the streets of Glasgow to send a clear message to the Scottish Government and COSLA that they must improve their pay offer to teachers."

"The EIS will open a ballot of its members on Tuesday 30 October, calling on them to reject the current divisive pay offer. The ballot closes on Tuesday 20 November."