Focusing on self-care: being mindful

Created on: 19 Nov 2019 | Last modified: 05 Apr 2023

The self-care sections include a variety of wellbeing focused webinars and podcasts, free apps, mindfulness toolkits, and tips for staying active.

The NHS hosts an e-learning module explaining Health Literacy, which involves people having sufficient knowledge, understanding, confidence and skills to cope with modern health care, and make perosnal choices.

The Scottish Government has launched a toolkit entitled Mind to Mind, which is packed with tools for self-care.

The Mental Health Foundation offers practical resources around self-help and supporting others.  The Foundation focuses on preventing the onset of mental health problems before they occur and supporting people to stay well.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, South Glasgow Wellbeing Services offer a range of self-help materials (booklets and videos) to download.

Mindful offers tools and tips to get started with mindfulness for self and with others.