Reasons to Accept

Created on: 11 Mar 2019 | Last modified: 30 Mar 2020

  1. The proposal achieves the headline figure of 10% pay uplift (albeit across 2 years) – marking a significant success for the campaign which members have built over the past year.

  2. It takes the top of the main grade to £40,206 from April of this year (with £40,000 having been one of our benchmark references) and to £41,412 at April 2020 (£351 more than the January 25th) 

  3. The improved salary proposal vindicates the stance taken by members in rejecting previous offers and pushing COSLA/Scottish Government as far as possible by displaying our willingness to negotiate and to take strike action if it was required.

  4. The action proposed on workload and other issues create an opportunity to press forward with the broader concerns of members, which have clearly been acknowledged by both Scottish Government and COSLA.

  5. The unity and determination of members have been magnificent throughout this campaign. Ending the pay campaign on a "win" leaves us in good spirit and in a strong place to continue to defend the welfare of teachers and the interests of Scottish Education.