Action Beyond COP26 – embedding climate change and justice into the curriculum

Created on: 28 Apr 2022 | Last modified: 22 Feb 2023

This workshop was introduced by Dr Leslie Mabon. Dr Mabon is Senior Lecturer in Social Science at the Scottish Association for Marine Science.

Dr Mabon attended COP26, and begins this training session by giving an overview of what COP is, and what happens next.

Using global citizenship and rights-based pedagogies, this practical and interactive workshop aims to build teacher skills and confidence to explore and support pupil-led climate action post COP.

This course explores:

  • methodologies to develop the skills and values of active global citizenship

  • making post-cop meaningful in the classroom

  • activities for promoting informed pupil-action – supporting pupil wellbeing/addressing climate anxiety

  • curricular links to climate action

  • resources to support teaching and learning