An Effective Policy

Created on: 02 Aug 2023 | Last modified: 09 Nov 2023

An effective policy is one that is agreed, a result of proper consultation and negotiation between unions and employers and is widely known and put into practice.

The legal basis of the policy should be made clear as well as the intention to provide a workplace in which equality of opportunity for all employees is achievable.

The policy should include:-

  • declaring the type of working environment that is to be achieved

  • providing definitions of bullying and harassment

  • that bullying and harassment are not acceptable and will not be tolerated

  • that every employee will be treated with dignity and respect

  • that every  employee  will  be  made  aware  of  their  rights  to  fair treatment

  • that bullying and harassment are disciplinary offences


There should also be:-

  • a clear indication of the responsibilities of employers, management and employees under health and safety at work legislation

  • a commitment to review and monitor the policy including any complaints made

  • a formal employer’s agreed procedure for pursuing a complaint


As well as a high profile commitment to the policy other measures may include:-

  • appropriate training of employees at all levels

  • training for managers in the conduct of hearings

  • provision of trained counsellors

  • review of management practices and structures

  • monitoring workplace stress

  • inclusion of the policy in recruitment or induction packs

A Formal Workplace Complaint using your Employer’s Agreed Procedures

This should include:-

  • a statement regarding the purpose of the procedure

  • definitions of bullying and harassment

  • an informal stage where a complaint may be discussed

  • the opportunity for confidential discussion of a complaint

  • a formal stage

  • a clearly set out guideline of the steps to be taken in the event of a formal complaint being made

  • guidelines of steps used during the procedures including time limits

  • advice on disciplinary action or alternatives to disciplinary action

  • advice regarding the rights to representation

  • a statement regarding victimisation of those making a complaint

  • a commitment to provide a same sex officer

  • a clear statement that the procedure does not alter rights relating to formal grievance procedure or further action of a legal nature

Advantages of Having a Policy that Works

  • good relationships in workplace

  • promotion of equality of opportunity and social justice

  • avoiding stress, hostility and formal procedures

  • creating a safer, healthier teaching and learning environment