Salaries Motions and Amendments 35 - 43

Created on: 06 Jun 2013 | Last modified: 23 Sep 2015

Motions and Amendments

35. North Lanarkshire Local Association, Edinburgh Local Association, Aberdeenshire Local Association, Renfrewshire Local Association & East Dunbartonshire Local Association
"That this AGM instruct Council to launch a campaign on workload reduction. This campaign should:-
(a) include a survey of members’ workload;
(b) highlight the increased workload associated with developments within a Curriculum for Excellence including the introduction of internal assessment as part of the new National Qualifications;
(c) focus on the impact of work/life balance and health/well-being issues;
(d) publicise and promote agreements on Working Time Arrangements to reduce workload;
(e) seek additional effective measures to reduce workload caused by additional planning, monitoring, auditing, profiling and new reporting formats such as e-profiling and On Track with Learning
(f) organise open meetings to publicise the campaign;
(g) include a review of the workload implications for teachers in Local Authorities which have introduced Faculty Structures;
(h) investigate the impact on teacher workload of the use of electronic management systems.”

Amendment – Edinburgh Local Association
Paragraph (f) amend to read:
"publicise the campaign through a variety of media and in a variety of fora, including open meetings”.

36. Glasgow Local Association & North Lanarkshire Local Association
"That this AGM instruct Council to:
(a) call on the Scottish Government to resist pressures to reduce teachers’ pension benefits and increase the normal pension age;
(b) ballot members for industrial action to protect pension arrangements currently in place for all members”.

Amendment EIS-FELA
In paragraph (a) after "teachers’” add "and lecturers’”.

37. Council
"That this AGM resolve to campaign for the Westminster Government to review the current use of pensions indexation measures with a view to establishing an indexation measure which is fair and equitable and would command public confidence.”

38. Glasgow Local Association
"That this AGM resolve to oppose any attempt to impose the averaging of working hours over a week or a month as part of the McCormac review of conditions of service for teachers.”

39. Dumfries & Galloway Local Association, East Ayrshire Local Association & South Lanarkshire Local Association
"That this AGM instruct Council to:
(a) re-invigorate the campaign to reduce class sizes to 20 in both primary and secondary education;
(b) reaffirm that the provisions of Part 2 Appendix 2.9 of the SNCT Handbook be upheld for all classes;
(c) provide advice to members on what to do if asked to take a class in excess of the provisions of Part 2 Appendix 2.9 of the SNCT Handbook.”

40. Glasgow Local Association, South Lanarkshire Local Association & Midlothian Local Association
"That this AGM instruct Council to publicise the current crisis in supply teaching and its impact on teaching, learning and teacher workload.
Further this AGM call on Council to:
(a) make representations to the Scottish Government and COSLA to provide effective teacher workforce planning and to secure employment to new and recently qualified teachers;
(b) renegotiate the remuneration for short-term supply teachers;
(c) campaign for an increase in the availability of supply teachers”.

41. Renfrewshire Local Association
"That this AGM call on Council to organise and campaign for the restoration of teachers’ pay levels in light of the recent Teachers’ Earnings Report.”

42. Renfrewshire Local Association
"That this AGM reject outright any proposal to get rid of Part 2, Appendix 2.6 of the SNCT Handbook.”

43. Midlothian Local Association
"That this AGM instruct Council to seek to negotiate at the SNCT an extension to Family Leave to incorporate an increased allocation of paid leave to cover absence due to the serious illness and/or consequent care needs of a near relative, co-habitee, civil partner, in-law or foster parent.”