New Anti-Racist Education Resources

Created on: 28 Mar 2019 | Last modified: 11 Apr 2024

New Anti-Racist Education Resources


The EIS has become aware of various new anti-racist education resources, which may be of interest to members.

“Addressing Inclusion: Effectively Challenging Racism in Schools” is a resource developed by the Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights (CRER) and RespectMe, Scotland’s anti-bullying service. The resource provides information and guidance to school staff on addressing racist bullying in Scottish schools and has been written to complement ‘Respect for All’, the national approach to anti-bullying.

You can find the ‘Addressing Inclusion’ guidance here:

“Celebrating Difference: Exploiting Stereotypes and Anti-Racism” is a resource developed as part of the ‘ Celebrating Difference’  campaign, which is run by Respect Me, in partnership with LGBT Youth Scotland, the Scottish Association for Mental Health, Show Racism the Red Card, and the Scottish Government.   It contains various lessons about challenging stereotypes.

You can find the pack at:

‘The Anti-Racist Educator’ is a website that has been set up to share content about anti-racist educational approaches and language. It describes itself as “a safe space for all those who seek social justice through education” and it aims “to critically challenge racism and dominant ideologies by exploring teaching, discussing ideas and sharing learning resources for all to use.”

It can be found here:

College Consensus

Racial equity is one of the most important issues we face in today’s society. It is not enough to not be racist in order to fight racism — we must be actively anti-racist and promote justice and equality for all people, all the time and in every community, city, and state in the nation.

College Consensus have collected these 135 resources that promote racial equity in a variety of important ways.

How to Address Trauma Related to Curriculum Violence

Curriculum violence refers to the subjective curricular choices around lesson planning or learning experiences that cause a student psychological harm, intellectually and/or emotionally –

“Talking about Race” Web Portal by the National Museum of African American History and Culture

The portal is intended to help explore issues of race, racism and racial identity, featuring eight foundational subjects. The subjects have specific content for those in the teaching profession

It can be found here:

Black Lives Matter at School

Black Lives Matter at School is based in the USA, and offers a range of resources and links for Teachers which can be adapted to the Scottish context.

A’ Adam’s Bairns? Exploring equality and diversity in Scotland past and present

This resource has been developed to be used in a flexible and creative way demonstrating the interconnectedness of today’s challenges and how these have been shaped by attitudes throughout history. The context is at once Scottish and global. The resource covers such issues as sectarianism and racism which require the stereotyping and resultant demonising of certain groups. Such attitudes allowed the slave trade to exist in the past and allow exploitation to continue to this day – in Scotland and throughout the world.

Colourful heritage: Primary Schools Resource Pack

Colourful Heritage is an organisation dedicated to capturing, celebrating and inspiring others in the history of the immense contribution of South Asian migrants and Muslims to Scotland over the past century. Colourful Heritage, together with Glasgow Museums, have created a primary school’s resource pack to highlight the contribution of the South Asian community to Glasgow and Scotland.

In Sight Report

How do BAME young people in Scotland perceive and experience secondary school education? Intercultural Youth Scotland instigated this study after receiving a stream of anecdotal reports related to young people’s experiences of racism in Scottish secondary schools.

It can be found here:

The Literary Trust

The Literary Trust has put together a list of anti-racist resources, including Book Lists for Ages 13 and up.

The EIS Education and Equality Department would be interested in members’ views on these resources. Please let us know what you think. You can contact National Officer Selma Augestad ( with your feedback.

‘Sweet Rebellion – Cracks in the Curriculum’ by Jacob V Joyce & Rudy Loewe

‘Countless Ways of Knowing: A Mixtape on Education as a Practice of Freedom – Cracks in the Curriculum Resource 3’ by Barby Asante


CERES is an interdisciplinary research Centre for the study of ‘race’, ethnicity, languages, culture and migration.


These blogs are intended to raise issues relating to promoting race equality and anti-racism within education in general. Blogs may present issues arising from research or can be personal accounts from educators, education students, parents, individuals and groups relating to the teaching on, or leadership of, matters related to ‘race’.

They can be examples of best practice or discussions about conundrums or discomforts. The aim of the blogs is to open up discussion, to provide spaces for disruption, transformation and boundary-pushing in the area of race equality and anti-racism within education.


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