Professor Sir Geoff Palmer 'Learning From the Past; Looking to the Future'

Created on: 22 Nov 2019 | Last modified: 11 Apr 2024

To celebrate Black History Month 2019 the Institute organised a lecture from Professor Sir Geoff Palmer. Geoff is noted as Scotland’s first black Professor, and a major figure in Scottish education and anti-racism campaigning.

Professor Palmer was introduced by EIS Equality Committee Convenor, Nicola Fisher, who also chaired the Q&A session following the lecture.

Professor Palmer’s lecture, titled ‘Learning from the Past; Looking to the Future’, examined the connections between Scotland’s wealth and the Atlantic slave trade. Further, Professor Palmer used the opportunity to consider the vital place black communities hold in Scotland’s history and present, and how we should understand modern Scottish society in light of this history.

The full lecture is available below, and we encourage you to share this with other members in your Local Association or Branch.