Spending time together

Created on: 17 Apr 2020 | Last modified: 09 Jul 2020

We each have different home circumstances, some of us living alone, some with a partner, others with larger families.

Whatever our living arrangements, we will all be missing spending time with friends and wider family.

Social media and online collaborations are important ways to keep in contact, and formats used for work meetings can be equally used to engage with family and friends.  For example, Zoom and Skype. Whilst social media apps are being extensively and effectively used at the moment to keep family and friends connected, it’s also important to be mindful of the potential to be overwhelmed by the information overload of social media, this not being so good for our wellbeing. A healthy balance of social media use is key.

Some examples of online group collaborations that might provide some welcome alternative kinds of being digitally connected are:

  • Games – Scrabble This is the official Scrabble you can play on Facebook. The game plays exactly like the board game. You pick from three types of gameplay: Play with 1-3 friends, play with a random opponent, or speed play against the clock.

  • Discussion groups – Glasgow Film Theatre is hosting regular, online discussions around current films. Find out more on Twitter.

  • Quizzes – Edinburgh based quiz facilitators have moved their weekly quizzes online. Find out more their website.

  • The Mindfulness in Schools Project invites children and adults alike to join online in mindfulness activities daily.


For some, the current social distancing and lockdown measures might be causing strain in some relationships. There are some supports available for this.

The charity Relationships Scotland offers counselling, family mediation and child contact centres.

The charity Scottish Attachment in Action has produced a resource on staying safe and managing relationships with children during this time.

Scottish Union Learning updates their Facebook page with tips on learning and working with children and young people at home.

Contact tracing is a method used to slow down the spread of infectious diseases. To find out more information on contact tracing COVID-19 visit the NHS Inform website.