Supporting the mental health and wellbeing of ourselves and others

Created on: 17 Apr 2020 | Last modified: 11 Apr 2024

If you or those around you are struggling with mental health, feeling low, worried or stressed, it is important to understand that these are common reactions to the current circumstances. This advice is intended to support you in managing some of these responses.

The EIS Teacher Health and Wellbeing Resource also offers resources around understanding and talking about mental health and wellbeing.

If you feel that the levels of anxiety that you are experiencing are significant, or if you think that you may be experiencing symptoms of depression, you should contact your GP or NHS 24 for medical advice.

If you or those around you are experiencing triggers for existing mental health problems there are a number of online resources that can help, such as:

Girl meditating
The NHS offers links to information, advice and support available around anxiety, stress, and depression. NHS Education Scotland has provided guides to support self-care, support for those around us, and to support staff and colleagues.  While aimed at health and social care professionals, there are useful, practical tips for all professionals. A free registration process is required to access some sections.

CALM Training offers webinars on subjects such as addressing isolation in a trauma informed way, as well as links to useful resources on supporting self-care, and the wellbeing of others. aims to end the stigma and discrimination around mental health and has tips on supporting others.

Breathing Space is a free, confidential phone service for anyone in Scotland experiencing mental health concerns.

Samaritans is a free, confidential service for anyone experiencing mental health issues.  The service also provides resources specifically for those working with young people.

The EIS Teacher Health and Wellbeing Resource offers further resources around understanding and talking about mental health and wellbeing.