Created on: 21 May 2007 | Last modified: 22 Mar 2024

The EIS has arranged insurance policies for the benefit of the membership. 

Nothing stated in the following paragraphs can override the provisions of the actual policies.

Please download/complete and email the appropriate claim form to who will deal with the claim on your behalf.

Personal Effects Fund

  • £1000 in respect of any loss (except money)

  • £1000 in respect of Pedal Cycles

  • £50 in respect of cash , banknotes, cheques or securities for money

  • £1000 in respect of all losses in any one period of insurance

  • Exceptions and excesses: Please refer to the Fund Form re exceptions.

This Fund covers loss, destruction or damage caused by Fire or Theft to personal belongings at educational establishments within Scotland and at premises owned or rented by the Institute.

The Fund provides for accidental damage (not fire) occurring at any time while the member is in the course of their duties including voluntary duties associated with school/college activities.

This is an indemnity Fund and does not operate on a new for old basis. This Fund only operates if a claim is not made under any insurance policy covering the same damage. Outwith core working hours, cash must be kept in a lockfast place.

Download personal effects form

Malicious damage to Motor vehicles

£1000 in respect of any one request

Exceptions and excesses: Please refer to the Fund Form re exceptions.

This Fund covers any private motor car, motor cycle (including their accessories) licensed for road use or pedal cycle and belonging to an EIS member or their spouse. These vehicles are  Funded against malicious damage occurring within the boundaries of any school/educational premises or parked in the street within a radius of 250 metres whilst the member is in attendance at such premises in the course of their duties or on Institute business.

The Fund also extends to adjacent official car parks which are the property of employers of EIS members and have been designated for use by members for parking purposes while in attendance at such premises in the course of their teaching duties or the business of the Institute. 

Members may also request reimbursement of a policy excess applicable under the member's motor insurance policy provided the incident which occurred falls within the policy cover. 

Accidental damage (with the exception noted below), damage caused during theft or attempted theft or loss of belongings are specifically excluded. Cover for damage caused during any unreported accidental damage when the Third Party cannot be traced can be included. For full details on Exceptions and Excesses please refer to the Fund Claim Form.

Download malicious damage form

Third Party Insurance

The current Limit of Indemnity is £2,000,000.

Under this scheme, members are insured in respect of their legal liability, free of costs, against any claims which may be made against them for injuries to any person or damage to property by students when in their charge, during normal official duties or during extra-official duties such as excursions and organised games in which they take part as supervisors outside their officially recognised hours of duty.

Personal Accident

The current capital sum payable for accidental death is £6,000. 

The Fund  provides against accidental bodily injury which solely and independently of any other cause results in death or personal injury. The Fund operates regardless of whether the accident took place while on duty or not but not while engaged in a hazardous pastime or in aviation other than as a passenger in a fully licensed passenger carrying aircraft, and covers death, loss of eyes and/or limbs and total and permanent disablement.

Our Promise of Service

Our goal is to give excellent service to all our Members but we recognise that things do go wrong occasionally.  We take all complaints we receive seriously and aim to resolve all our members problems promptly. To ensure that we provide the kind of service you expect we welcome your feedback. We will record and analyse your comments to make sure we continually improve the service we offer.

What will happen if you complain

  • We will acknowledge your complaint promptly.

  • We aim to resolve all complaints as quickly as possible.

Most of our members concerns can be resolved quickly but occasionally more detailed enquiries are needed. If this is likely, we will contact you with an update within 10 working days of receipt and give you an expected date of response

What to do if you are unhappy:

If you are unhappy with any aspect of the handling of your  request we would encourage you, in the first instance, to seek resolution by contacting, Shaun Cumming, Towergate Insurance, The Beacon, 176 St Vincent St, Glasgow, G2 5SG. 0141 223 6800. 

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your complaint you may refer the matter to the Finance Sub-Committee of the Institute via