Types of Member Advice & Support

Created on: 26 Jul 2010 | Last modified: 19 Jan 2024

Who to contact

Whatever the concern, the first person to contact is normally the EIS representative OR Branch Secretary – and thereafter the EIS Local Association or Area Office.

The Local Association may also need the help and backup of EIS Area Offices and EIS Headquarters in Edinburgh, especially when circumstances are particularly serious.

Disciplinary action

Assistance will be provided too on the occasions that individual teachers face the possibility of disciplinary action by the school, local authority or other employer or General Teaching Council for Scotland.

Raising a Grievance

Teachers have the right to raise a grievance on aspects of their work with which they are concerned, and in these circumstances too, EIS advice and support are available.

Legal advice

The EIS has access to the very best legal advice when that is required and uses quality law firms and solicitors of repute.

Legal advice and representation can only be provided with the approval of the Employment Relations Committee and only in connection with a matter arising from your employment.

On the rare occasions that matters end up in court the EIS can offer full support and assistance.

Members can also obtain legal advice on other issues by contacting our legal helpline on 0333 400 5778. The helpline can offer advice on all legal issues except those relating to an individual's employment. It is open 5 days a week from 8am - 7pm. 

Benevolent Fund

The EIS also has a Benevolent Fund which is available to all members who have been in the EIS for at least 1 year.

This fund is intended to provide assistance for those suffering severe financial hardship due to circumstances outwith their control.