Protect Education - Email the First Minister

Created on: 26 Feb 2021



The EIS Executive decided at its last meeting to launch a mass member lobbying campaign aimed at elected political representatives at all levels: Ministers, MSPs. MPs and Councillors. The simple aim is to generate support for making schools safer places by prioritising school staff for Covid vaccination as part of the second phase of the programme roll-out; improving ventilation within school buildings as a key mitigation; and providing medical grade face coverings to guard against aerosol transmission.

The campaign launches today with a message to the First Minister, focused primarily on vaccination.

The recommendation today from the UK JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccinations and Immunisation) to proceed with Phase 2 on the basis of age profile rather than occupational groups, makes the campaign launch particularly timely.

The Scottish Government has the power to decide differently, as it did in Phase 1 with care homes, and the EIS believes that if it argues that education is its priority then protecting education staff is by necessity a priority.

Whilst the EIS supported the Phase 1 prioritisation based on clinical risk, we strongly believe there is scope within Phase 2 to accelerate vaccination of school staff. Scotland has the capacity to vaccinate 400,000 people per week so it would take only a few days to make schools safer.

If you agree with this, please send an email message to the First Minister on the crucial issue.

Larry Flanagan
General Secetary