Update from the General Secretary 29 May 2020

Created on: 29 May 2020 | Last modified: 15 Jul 2021

Coronavirus Update


Following on from yesterday’s ebulletin, please find here a link to the Guidance from the Scottish Government, issued in support of its Strategic Framework.

As you will be able to see from the document there are several key references around the safety of school buildings and the protocols which require to be in place. Many of these look ahead to when pupils will return in August, but from a Health and Safety perspective, most also apply to June and the potential return of staff to school buildings.

The EIS is clear that members should not be returning to school buildings before there has been a deep clean of schools which have been closed and risk assessments, in all buildings, have been carried out with any subsequent actions addressed.

Clearly, Health and Safety will be a key agenda for the Union as we continue to respond to the impact of COVID 19. Across June, we plan to offer H&S training and briefings, particularly for school and branch reps, but as a first step a members’ guide to risk assessments and ensuring safe working environments has been produced and can be found here.

Although the initial context for this advice is that of the school sector, adapted versions will be produced for colleges and Universities, as the same principles apply.

Finally, colleagues, the Local Association Secretaries received a comprehensive report of recent Scottish Government announcements and publications, which they asked to be shared with members. It can be found here.

I hope you enjoy the first weekend of Phase I.

Stay safe.

Best wishes