Health and Wellbeing

Created on: 28 Feb 2022 | Last modified: 14 Mar 2024

Activities to promote positive mental health and emotional literacy:

Express yourself! - Using one of the photographs in this link - - consider the different ways in which individuals have expressed their feelings during this time when we are social distancing self-isolating. Using a medium of your choice (photography, drawing, painting, music, dance, make-up artistry, writing), express how you are feeling about the current health situation.

How many positives? This exercise helps young people to focus on the positives in their llives by identifying one positive quality which they have, one thing they can do well and one thing they have that is a positive influence in their lives, e.g. friends that care. You might want to do this over the course of a week by identifying positive aspects of the day before and create a positivity log! Think about illustrating it too.

Learn how to express your feelings through art – this guides takes you through a process of identifying your feelings and representing them through drawing or painting -

Yoga to relax -

Mindfulness – what is it and how can it help? Before introducing this as a practical exercise, it might be worthwhile setting out the benefits which some have found from this tool.  The following clips present the views of other young people as well as famous artists in music and rap: or

Mindfulness in practice -


Promoting health and wellbeing, including physical acitivty: 

BBC Bitesize – a range of daily H&W lessons -

Childline - - ideas and online resources offering practical support to support good mental health for children and young people.

Cosmic Kids Yoga - - fun yoga videos for learners of all ages, set in engaging contexts.

Workouts with Joe Wicks -

Storyberries (Feelings and Emotions) - - a range of online stories covering different emotion

See Me - resources to support positive mental health.

Mind - - resources to encourage young people to explore their feelings and talk about the supports they need.

Mental Health Foundation - - activities to support positive mental health.

Just Dance -

Zumba -

Nike App or website - - 190 free workouts across strength, endurance, yoga and mobility, targeting specific muscle groups. Sessions range from 15 – 45 minutes and are progressive.

Potential Activities to Support Healthy Diet/Healthy Mind:

The Eatwell Guide -

Healthy Recipes -

Cooking with Jamie Oliver https://www.jamieolcom/features/category/get-kids-cooking/

Investigate what we need in our diet to stay healthy – how does this compare with your own diet? What changes do you think might help you feel better?  Set yourself a goal – what two positive changes can you make to improve your diet over the next two weeks?  Keep a log and see you how you get on.  Make it into a family challenge!

Time to cook – plan a healthy meal for the family, design the menu, and get cooking! You might want to choose a recipe from Jamie Oliver (see website above) or from one you have researched yourself.

Rainbow Cake – treat yourself and your family by baking a rainbow cake. This website - – has a recipe and other fun ideas for treats. 


Note in relation to the use of online resources

Where online resources have been referenced, access to the resource is currently free.  In some cases, this may be for a limited period and members should monitor their engagement on this basis. All online references have been selected on an illustrative basis for the relevant potential learning activities.  There may be other websites and platforms which will provide similar activities.  In referencing these websites, the EIS does not endorse any advertisements shown on the page, the views of those presenting or the wider content of the website.