Online Learning

Created on: 15 Mar 2022 | Last modified: 14 Mar 2024

GLOW digital learning for parents, teachers and learners:

Local Authority Remote Learning Hubs, online resources:

TES Elements, resources for teachers, parents and guardians to support home learning (usually a premium service, but now free – registration may be required but this is also free):

Find further information, resources and shared experiences of online learning in the EIS Professional Learning Blog.

Note in relation to the use of online resources

Where online resources have been referenced, access to the resource is currently free.  In some cases, this may be for a limited period and members should monitor their engagement on this basis. All online references have been selected on an illustrative basis for the relevant potential learning activities.  There may be other websites and platforms which will provide similar activities.  In referencing these websites, the EIS does not endorse any advertisements shown on the page, the views of those presenting or the wider content of the website.