Palestine and Israel, Understanding the Conflict

Created on: 22 Aug 2019 | Last modified: 30 Oct 2023

A skills based resource focused on the conflict between Palestine and Israel is now available and can be accessed here.

Initially started as a joint production with various partners, including Education Scotland, the EIS assumed ownership of the resource in order to make it available to as many teachers as possible.

In a turbulent world with many conflicts, it is essential that pupils are equipped to navigate contested topics, evaluate evidence and arrive at their own conclusions.

The materials, containing both Student and Teacher Guides as well as links to relevant film and other media, are pitched at CfE Levels 2/3 and Levels 3/4, for use in both primary and secondary. They are of most interest perhaps in the teaching of Social Studies, Literacy and English, and Citizenship.

The resource can be adapted by teachers to suit the needs of learners as appropriate.

See our latest statement on the escalating violence against civilians in Israel and Palestine.