Still We Rise - Podcast

Created on: 08 Apr 2024 | Last modified: 22 Apr 2024

Still We Rise – a new podcast by EIS

Across the UK and beyond, far right narratives are becoming increasingly visible in the mainstream, and looming possible rollbacks on progress are harsh reminders that our hard won rights can again be lost.

Still We Rise is a new podcast series by EIS, where we explore how educators and trade unionists can join together and rise up against the influence of the far right in our schools, colleges, universities and wider society. 

The name of this podcast is inspired by the powerful poem ‘And Still I Rise’ by Maya Angelou, which reminds us of our power and resilience in the face of adversity.

In this series, we will talk to some of the people who are working to tackle the equality issues that affect us all today and discuss how we can rise up to create a more fair and equal society for all.

We hope that you enjoy this podcast, and if you do - please share it with your colleagues.


Podcast Introduction - Listen Here

Podcast Introduction - Show Notes

Podcast Introduction - Full Transcript


Episode One - Listen Here

Episode One - Show Notes

Episode One - Full Transcript