Report on Member Survey of Home Economics Teachers

Created on: 16 May 2024

In addition to desk research, a survey of Home Economics (‘H.E.’) teachers was constructed and sent out to the 476 members listed as teaching in this area.

The survey was open for a 5 week period, with 309 responses received. This represents a 65% response rate, which has high statistical significance.

None of the questions in the survey were mandatory. This allowed respondents to skip questions as they progressed through the survey. This was done to ensure that there was no false recording to improve confidence in the results. Some questions also had ‘logic’ applied, meaning that respondents would be redirected to different follow-on questions depending on the answers they gave. Details of how many respondents answered each question are included throughout this report.

All figures within this report have been rounded to the nearest one decimal place, meaning that some questions may not have a total exacting 100%, with other questions within the survey allowing for multiple responses.



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